The 2021 Shreveport Mavericks game schedule has been released and pro basketball is returning to Shreveport! After dealing with heavy restrictions and COVID related hang ups, the boys are back and ready to ball.
Now that the restrictions have loosened in several states, the team has released it's schedule of upcoming games. We all know these guys are ready to play in front of some crowds, so use the schedule below to plan your fun evening of basketball.
Fri-9: Little Rock Lightning 7:00PM Away
Sat-10: Dallas Skyline 7:00PM Away
Fri-16: Dallas Skyline 7:05PM Home (LSUS Gym)
Sun-18: Omaha’s Finest 3:30PM Home (LSUS Gym)
Sat-24: Lewisville Leopards 7:00PM Away
Sun-25: Little Rock Lightning 3:30PM Home (LSUS Gym)
Fri-30: Lewisville Leopards 7:05PM Home (Captain Shreve High School
Sun-2: Houston Push 3:30PM Home (Captain Shreve High School)
Fri-7: Waco Royals 7:30PM Away
Sun-9: Lewisville Leopards TBA Away
Fri-14: Midtown Prestige 7:05PM  Home (Captain Shreve High School)
Sat-15: Waco Royal  7:05PM Home (Captain Shreve High School)
Sat-22: Enid Outlaws 7:00PM Away
Sun-23: Houston Push 3:30PM Home (Centenary Gold Dome)
Fri-28: Dallas Skyline 7:05PM Home (Centenary Gold Dome)
Sun-30: Lewisville Leopards 3:30PM Home (Centenary Gold Dome)
Fri-4: Houston Push 7:00PM Away
Sun-6: Dallas Skyline TBA Away
Fri-11: Omaha’s Finest 7:00PM Away
Sun-13: Houston Push TBA Away
Fri-18: Enid Outlaws 7:05PM Home (Centenary Gold Dome)
Sat-19: Waco Royals 7:05PM Home (Centenary Gold Dome)
Fri-25: Waco Royals  7:00PM Away
Sun-27: Midtown Prestige TBA Away

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