Some people have all of the luck.  Winning a chunk of money by selecting numbers you think might be randomly picked in a drawing means fortune is smiling on you, but when a printing error doubles your winnings - it's more like fortune is french-kissing you in the back of the club.

That's exactly what happened to Mississippi resident Willie Curry.  Mr. Curry was at checking out at The World in Tallulah, when he decided to purchase 5 "Pick 4" Louisiana Lottery tickets using his sister's birthday for the numbers.  According to the Louisiana Lottery's official website, Willie's little sis was suffering from an illness and was on his mind.  When the store clerk mistakenly printed 10 tickets, Willie bought them too.  What's 5 more dollars, right?

That happy little accident was lady luck blasting Willie with the good stuff!  The numbers hit, making each ticket worth $2,600!  Instead of scoring a sweet $13,000 - Mr. Curry will take home a cool $26,000!   Think he'll give any to his sister?

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