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The weather in Shreveport has been all over the place this winter. One day the high is 30, the next day it's 69. Things have been extremely hard to predict and plan for. However, there is a winter front moving into the area and that front may actually produce some sleet and snow.

Tomorrow, a rain storm will move across the area and cool temps off. In fact, after Wednesday, we won't see highs get much higher than 50 and lows will be down around freezing.

Those cold temps and winter conditions could set the stage for some wintery precipitation on Sunday. The highs will be 45 Sunday and lows will be about 32. And, pretty much every weather expert predicts that there will be some sort of precipitation. This is where different sources and meteorologists have differing opinions. Some, like the fine folks at the Weather Channel, believe we will just get straight rain and nothing more.

However, other experts in the field like Jeff Castle from KSLA, say that there's a distinct possibility we see snow on Sunday. Castle wrote in his 'unofficial' Facebook forecast, "A lot could change between now and then, but this (snow) has been consistently showing up in the data for the last couple of days. We've not had any big winter weather events for a few years, so we're due and this would be the time of year to expect it."

With that said, even if it does snow, it is highly unlikely that it will stick around for long. But, considering that it's been a few years since Shreveport-Bossier saw any snow, this may be a welcomed change of pace.

Now, if you're one of those people who absolutely HATE winter and everything that comes with it, there's some good news for you. The cold temps and winter conditions are expected to leave the area by Friday January 15th temps will be back up into the 60s.

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