The Red River Revel is already in town and Prize Fest will be kicking off in just a few days but that's not all that's coming to Downtown Shreveport! There's a temporary park coming to Louisiana Ave for everyone to enjoy and now there's pinball being added to the fun. The Popup Pinball Palace will open up next weekend as a very unique phone charging station.

Let's face it it's 2018 and with so much going on around town peoples phone's will die real quick so this is the most fun solution to that problem. You'll be able to charge your phone while playing classic pinball games at the same time. Not to mention the pinball is FREE to play! The Pinball Palace will be open Friday and Saturday during Prize Fest at 622 Texas Street.  It's safe to say that during the month of October the Downtown Shreveport area will be the place to be!

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