Finally there is a competition that I can actually win! The Iowa State Fair has a one of a kind competition that has me laughing and showing everyone I know. Get this, a Husband Calling Contest. To have a chance at placing in this competition you need to make sure that you've had a lot of practice yelling for your significant other from the other room. The judges go off of 3 things, the first impression, last impression and their delivery. Some women are yelling that it's time to go, other women are yelling that it's dinner time. Nonetheless you can imagine the ladies have husbands who are cringing the whole time they're sitting there "supporting their wife". Watch the video of the competition below.

I don't know about you but this is a competition we can dominate here in the South. I don't know anyone who helps put the State Fair on, but if you do, let them know this is the BEST competition ever. Someone, anyone, bring this competition to our State Fair. I promise to help with all the preparations, you bring the popcorn, we all sit back and try not to pee our pants.

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