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Since we're going into a holiday weekend, how about a good game of 'Never Have I Ever,' the Shreveport edition? Now, because I can, I prefer to play this as a drinking game. However, you can adapt it as you see fit.

The rules are simple. You go around the group you're playing with and make the statement, 'Never have I ever...' If you've done what it is they say, you drink. Trust me, sounds simple, but you can catch people and get them to admit things they normally wouldn't publicly. Why? Because if you know they're lying and you call them out on it, they have to take a shot or some other predetermined penalty.

To make things easier, I went to my friends for some inspiration. You might want to try some of these Shreveport themed idea starters, then let your game take you where it will!

Here are some fun options from my Facebook friends! (I'll put a drink next to it if I'm drinking with you!)

Never have I ever... been to Ernest's submitted by Mike Morales 🍺
Never have I ever... gone axe throwing submitted by Bristol
Never have I ever... shot a gun submitted by Dana Heath 🍺
Never have I ever... drove a standard submitted by Ashley Morgan 🍺
Never have I ever... been to Pizza Rev submitted by Virginia King Cash 🍺
Never have I ever... been to a night club submitted by Alaina Duvall 🍺
Never have I ever... been to the Shreveport Aquarium submitted by Mary Almond
Never have I ever... been to a George Strait concert submitted by Melissa Meachum
Never have I ever... seen the Forbing Rail ghost submitted by Art Nerio
Never have I ever... shot a deer submitted by Charlie Davis
Never have I ever... been stopped by SPD submitted by Jeff-Jenn Patterson 🍺
Never have I ever... been to Mudbug Madness submitted by Sharron Strawn 🍺
Never have I ever... gambled in a casino submitted by Laurie McGehee 🍺
Never have I ever... ziplined over alligators submitted by Andrea Remedies
Never have I ever... eaten crawfish submitted by Aubrey Garcia 🍺

If y'all come up with some good ones, let me know and keep it PG!

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