When I saw this pop up on my Facebook feed, I realized, this is a party I want to go to! Check out these fun party games that are suitable for both kids and adults alike!

I like playing games! Heck, I'm still trying to get my husband to build a giant Jenga game like the one they have at End Zone on Benton Road in Bossier!

While this isn't the exact video I found on Facebook, this is one I found on YouTube with even more games! Whether you're drinking adult beverages or hosting a kids party, these games look like an absolute blast! Beware, if you're invited to an event I'm a part of in the near future, you might see a few of these!

I went ahead and compiled a list of supplies you'll need to play all ten games:
1. 2 pedometers
2. 2 straps
3. Timer
4. 4 empty two liter bottles
5. Tape
6. Marbles
7. Multiple empty Coke cans
8. 2 hula hoops
9. Tennis balls
10. Small bells
11. 2 bath mats
12. 2 different colors of ping pong balls
13. 2 empty Kleenex boxes
14. 2 full 20oz Coke bottles
15. Multiple red Solo cups and at least 2 that are a different color
16. Oreo cookies
17. A sense of humor!

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