It's no secret that only the finest of the herd are selected to be drivers for the most epic vehicles. A few weeks ago we found out that Hotdoggers are being hired to drive around in a wienermobile. We didn't know how to score the job to drive the NUTmobile up until now. Calling all lovers of Planters nuts.

If you identify as an avid peanut lover and can see yourself driving around in the legendary NUTmobiles for a full year this party in a shell sounds like the job for you. First, you need to accept the fact that you will be called a "Peanutter," but let's be real that's not the worst thing we have been called right?

Only 9 recent college grads will be hired on by Planters. Yes you'll be wearing gold and blue and probably have to answer way too many questions about Mr. Peanut and Baby Nut at big grand openings all across the nation, but you will be the one person from your town with the most epic Instagram account. How cool will it be when you come back to Shreveport-Bossier in a NUTmobile for the Independence Bowl or the Highland Parade? I'm just over here daydreaming on your behalf.

Seriously what an amazing opportunity to travel all across the country on Planters dime and even be paid for your services. According to the job listing, you will be a part of "nationally televised parades and professional sporting events" so guess who will always have a front-row seat to the big events? Yeah, it's going to be YOU!

If this job is something you'd go nuts for (see what I did there?) then you can apply by clicking here. 


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