Holy Moly! Baby stuff is huge, cumbersome and will take over your house! How much of this stuff do I really need? And what should be put into the "want" but not necessary category? Einstein became a genius and was probably put down at night into a dresser drawer and given rocks to play with---now they sell a complete line of 'Baby Einstein' gear that is huge and colorful.

Baby Playing

Okay, obviously I want to give my baby the best start possible, but did you ever buy something that you thought you would use daily, only for it to collect dust prior to going home with a low bidder at your first post baby garage sale?


On the same note, did you ever buy something that was PRICELESS to you and your baby?

Nine weeks and five days until Christmas Eve! Nine weeks and five days until I have a baby to take home and try out on all this baby stuff!


A few things I wonder about:


-Pack n Plays


And I am certain there are countless other things I haven't even thought of yet.

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