God bless any woman who is in the final stages of her pregnancy right now.

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Her hormones have taken the crazy train while she's dealing with the rain, the heat, the mosquitoes, her husband, stupid drivers, slow internet.....you get the picture.

But, one of the worst parts of her pregnancy, are the cravings. The little one growing inside her is making her ravenous for things she's never even thought of before.

Each time my wife was pregnant, she craved Mexican food. There is really nothing odd about that, until you walk in on her at the breakfast table and she's pouring salsa on her Fruit Loops. That's when you realize the train has come completely off the track.


Some women will have insanely wild cravings, like a craving for burned matches. Seriously, these women will strike a match, then put it out and lick it. Sounds gross to most of us, but for a pregnant woman, it's business as usual.

Speaking of that craving for burned matches, a dentist friend of mine told me that craving burned matches or a number of these other peculiar cravings could be the sign that the pregnant woman is suffering from anemia or another medical condition called "pica." Pica is the eating or craving of things that are not food and is serious enough that a woman would certainly want to mention these cravings to her obstetrician.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

So, if you're expecting a little one very soon, first off, we want to congratulate you. But secondly, if you're having some incredibly weird cravings, don't think you've lost your mind. You're probably not the first woman to experience those same weird desires.

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