Earlier this week news broke that Planet Aqua Group, the company behind the new Aquarium in Downtown Shreveport, has hit some major bumps with the project. According to papers filed with the Caddo Clerk of Court, several liens were filed against the group and their general contractor by sub-contractors who claim they are owed well over $250,000.

It also came out that despite only being open for 60 days, the group is restructuring and revamping their restaurant SALT. The name will stay the same but everything else will be different. Planet Aqua is changing the operation hours, menu, management...everything.

Well, today, the Shreveport Times published an article claiming that Planet Aqua will no longer be managing Sci-Port. Shortly after the announced Aquarium, it was also announced that PAG would be overseeing the retooling and managing of Sci-Port Discovery Center.

However, that no longer seems to be the case. The chairman of Sci-Port's board, Rich Lamb, told the Times that Sci-Port and Planet Aqua had ended the management agreement.

Lamb said: "Both parties have agreed that it makes the most sense for Planet Aqua Group to focus its efforts on enhancing the Aquarium while the Sci-Port board pursues a number of these new ideas."

This partnership was supposed to last for 2 years.

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