We already had the "No Halloween" scare of 2020. The CDC is still highly recommending that we all scale back on our annual Halloween plans. Unfortunately, we are already seeing annual events that we have been looking forward to being canceled. What activities can we do with our kiddos and enjoy Halloween? So far, the options are very slim.


To the guy on my Facebook page who was asking "What hasn't been canceled and what can I actually take my kids to so they can dress up this year?" The good news is coming out of Sci-Port Discovery Center. Get ready for a free safe fun-filled Halloween. On Halloween day Sci-Port Discovery Center is suspending their general admission and they are hosting their first-ever Free Halloween Open House.

Sci-Port also plans to have two Halloween costume contests with cash prizes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The costume contest isn't just for children, so come on with your Tiger King costumes, there is an adult prize to be had.

Spooktacular Saturday will be packed with Halloween-themed activities such as "Something Spooky This Way Comes'" where your kids can craft their own floating ghosts and create edible hemoglobin.

One thing you need to know is that all current local and state Phase 3 Covid-19 Pandemic Protocols will be enforced. All patrons over eight years of age must wear a face mask. You still have time to come up with a cute unique Halloween face mask.


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