There are several things I love in this world: big foot conspiracy theories, cats, and the Pioneer Woman. I used to watch her shows all the time. A resurfaced episode has caught the attention of the asian-american community.

ree drummond, Credit: Charley Gallay / Stringer

In the episode where Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, is cooking asian hot wings she made a joke that left people scratching their heads. At the end of each episode she lets her family taste what she cooked. The guys are not into it and express their disgust. Ree Drummond then brings out buffalo wings. Saying, "I wouldn't do this to you guys."

Uh oh, A well known lady on the Food Network in trouble for something she said. Doesn't this sound familiar?

Fox & Friends Christmas Special

Huffignton Post reports that the comments and remarks about the asian wings weren't helping: “Where are the real wings?” “I don’t trust ’em.” Then Ree Drummond says, “I’m just kidding guys. I wouldn’t do that to you.”

Watch the video here.

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