Who remembers this collectible item from the late 70's?

Ok. You caught me. I wasn't actually alive in the 1970's to collect these comic strip glasses. But as someone who remembers eating spinach at Popeye's with her grandfather and enjoyed the cartoon as a kid (my mom called me "swee pea" growing up), I can appreciate this commercial from that decade.

Do you remember the comic strip glasses from back in the day?

This beats plastic barbies and hot wheels any day. This is a legitimate glass featuring comic strips from the classic, no-longer-used mascot of Popeye's. I would have been all over this back in  the day.

According to the commercial, all you had to do was purchase a 69 cent soft drink.

Somewhere through the decades Popeye's abandoned the cartoon theme, lost an apostrophe and became the "Louisiana Kitchen", thus embracing their southern roots. However, these glasses are still tucked away, forever to be treasured by collectors.

So how much would a complete set of these sell for today? According to eBay, you'll only get $40 to $50 bucks. I guess you can put a price on nostalgia... but it's uglier than Brutus.

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