The case in New York that has many Americans scratching their heads wondering how it got to the point of going to court has finally come to an end. A New York Judge has ruled in favor of parents hoping to evict their son after he has lived rent free for 8 years. A couple pleaded and begged their son to move out, at one point they even offered to pay him $1,100 to make the move.  Christina and Mark Rotondo's 30-year-old unemployed son Michael chose to represent himself in court on Tuesday, May 22, 2018. Here are some highlights of the case that had a lot of us entertained.

Unfortunately for Christina and Mark Rotondo their 30-year-old son plans to appeal. There has not been a set date for him to move out yet. The Judge will have to give the date and time and we all eagerly await.

To all of Micheal Rotondo's potential employer's please keep in mind, he is in it for the long haul, he's passionate and he won't leave you for another employer. In fact he may never leave at all. Hopefully all this media coverage doesn't ruin Michael Rotondo's potential to get a job, he's going to need one!

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