When you say the word "homeopathy," sometimes it conjures up the images of snakeoil salesmen and side show barkers hawking the latest cure-all elixir, but it is actually more complicated and well respected than that. Many people claim that homeopathy and holistic (natural) medicines can help keep you healthy. Homeopathy is also safe, gentle, effective, and affordable.

Flourish is the only local company that provides homeopathy. Flourish dedicates itself to keeping its clients healthy and happy using a variety of techniques. This is reflected in their mission statement from their website:

Our mission at Flourish is to provide the finest in Classical Homeopathy and Integrative Bodywork to relieve stress, facilitate balance, and promote healing and positive lifestyle choices so that clients, their families, and their communities can Flourish. By caring for themselves, clients enjoy healthier, more enriched lives. This self care also improves their relationships with their families and colleagues, which helps create a better community.

Flourish is holding a Homeopathy seminar at Shreve Memorial Library for anyone who is interested in any of these services. It's being held Friday, November 18th at the main branch downtown during the lunch hour. You are encouraged to bring a sack lunchand learn about new ways to keep you and your family healthy.

The seminar is free, and everyone is welcome.