Oysters are one of those Louisiana delicacies that some people absolutely love while other people absolutely abhor. Like guacamole, there seems to be no middle ground with oysters, we either love them or there are references made to mucus. I for one love Louisiana Oysters. I like them every way you can think of to serve them but especially enjoy them raw and on the half shell.

That shell is actually a major topic of discussion in our state. Think of all the oysters that are consumed in our state. Now, have you ever contemplated what restaurants do with all of the discarded shells? The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana has certainly thought about it and they think those discarded shells could really do our state some good.

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Emily Vuxton who is the director for The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana  says studying what happens to those discarded shells could lead to even bigger and better oyster production in the state. The Louisiana Legislature recently granted approval for funding to study what is being done with those shells, so I guess we will all find out together.

To be clear, there is already an oyster shell recycling program in the state but not all restaurants participate. There are also some oystermen who use the shells to help rebuild and replenish the reefs they fish. Then again there are probably tons of the shells that wind up in landfills too. The approved study hopes to determine where those shells are going and what's a better way to use them.

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There was a similar study done in 2005 before Hurricane Katrina. It will be interesting to see if any habits have changed in those almost 20 years and if any of the programs brought about by the first study have actually done any good.

In the meantime, I plan on doing my part and eating Louisiana Oysters whenever I can.

Now, if you're looking for something to wet your whistle and wash those oysters down, some of these might be a good idea. Others, well you know what happens when you eat oysters and drink hard liquor, right?

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