Online shopping has taken over the world. I'm sure some of us have heard of the wrong shipments going out, or people ordering something and it turns out to be exactly the opposite of what they thought it would be. One couple in Orlando ordered storage plastic bins through Amazon, and when they opened their shipment, they got the surprise of a lifetime. Over sixty pounds of weed were found inside of the plastic bins. Marijuana is not legal for recreational use in the state of Florida. Perhaps the shipment was supposed to be Colorado bound? Maybe the person sending the shipment heard Florida instead of California? Okay, I just read those two words out loud, they're kind of hard to mix up. Sneaky shipment gone wrong is my far from educated guess here.

The couple called law enforcement and the situation is under investigation. According to the Florida couple they exchanged several emails with a representative of Amazon. The couple received an apology and an Amazon gift card for $150. Hopefully the couples next shipments from Amazon ship without weed.

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