Michael Ray the "Kiss You in The Morning" country hit maker has been arrested for DUI and possession of marijuana. According to TMZ Michael Ray was in the drive-thru at a McDonald's in his hometown of Eustis, Florida when his foot slipped off the break and had a fender bender. The police officers were called to the scene and Ray failed the field sobriety tests.

Handout Getty Images
Handout Getty Images

Maybe Michael Ray thought the wait for his McNuggets was taking far too long, nonetheless, it's still against the law to ram into the car in front of you. No word if Michael Ray received the McNuggets before he was arrested and booked in jail.

Daily Commercial obtained a video of Michael Ray's arrest. We got to hand it to him, he may be completely drunk in the video but he is still polite and cooperative! Unfortunately Michael Ray will not be "lovin it" any time soon.

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