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This weekend is going to be epic!  Memorial Day weekend is the moment we've all been waiting for!  After being shut in, isolated, and/or quarantined for more than a year has given us all cabin fever, and with a 3 day weekend coming up - it's a safe bet some folks are going to over do it.

Unfortunately, some of those irresponsible people will take their inebriated shenanigans to the roadways and that's unacceptable.  According to the latest stats from the National Safety Council, hundreds of roadway fatalities are expected to occur this weekend.  In order to combat this threat, the state police from Mississippi, Tennessee, and Louisiana are teaming up to stop drunk and distracted drivers in their tracks.

According to WLOX, the 3 police forces are combing for the "line-to-line" enforcement program aimed at promoting proper seatbelt usage, slowing down speeders, and removing impaired drivers.  The program features increased officer presence on highways notoriously packed with Memorial Day weekend revelers, as well as lots of sobriety checkpoints in key trouble spots across the tri-state area.

Colonel Randy Ginn, Director of the Mississippi Highway Patrol really sums up how to enjoy your holiday without running afoul of the law:

“If everyone will simply slow down, buckle up, put down their phone and avoid driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, we can all have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.”

The official start of this enforcement program is this Friday at 12:01 am, it is scheduled to end at midnight on Monday, May 31st.  Be safe!


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