I love Oreos.  I love to deconstruct them, dip them, juggle them - really anything with those little dark perfect circles of joy.  I am not, however a big fan of the "special/limited edition" flavors they throw out there on the regular.  The Easter/St.Patty's Day/Rosh Hosanna specialty flavored creams taste like the fakest fake that ever faked a fake.  I am what you call a purist.  I have rarely enjoyed a variation on the classic chocolate cookie/white cream filling.  That being said, If you see the cookies below anywhere - notify me immediately.  I have been waiting a while for them to come back.

Seriously, these things are incredible.

In true Oreo form, the cookie masters have decided upon the latest of these seasonal flavors.  The summer 2017 Oreo flavor will be.....(drum roll, please)

That's right, popping candy in the cream.  Nice move Oreos, well played - but that's not the only new flavor hitting shelves in the near future.  Will the next flavor be a bust, or a delicious success?  That all depends on you!  That's right, Oreo wants you to design their next cookie flavor.  If they pick you, you could win $500,000.00! FYI, that's 333,333 regular packages of Oreos.

Here are some of the entries:


Since Hershey's left Louisiana out with their latest "Flavor of Your State" campaign, I think we need to represent ourselves by winning this with a very Bayou State flavor.



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