Cyber Monday is scheduled for November 29th this year and traditionally kicks off the online Christmas shopping season, which for a number of years now, has seen incredible amounts of growth.

With that growth, most of Americans have experienced the ease of online shopping, but America has also seen the darker side of itself appear, as online shopping with home delivery has brought on a new crime element, in the form of what's become known as "Porch Pirates."

Looking at the results of a new study released today from CCTV Camera World, things obviously don't always go according to plan, ending in crime and loss of trust in the process.

The study on the Rise of Package Theft in America which used FBI crime data through 2020, reveals some startling statistics regarding theft of these deliveries by what have become known as "Porch Pirates".

According to the study, Louisiana ranks as the 2nd highest state in America for package theft with 2,352 crimes per 100,000 state residents. (Only Washington D.C. outranks Louisiana with 3,775 crimes per 100,000 residents)

Other findings include:

  • Larceny-theft was the most reported crime in 2020 with 2.4 million reports, more than all other crime categories combined.
  • Currently, 14 states have passed, or are considering laws enhancing penalties for porch piracy with many lobbying for the creation of a new crime category specifically covering these incidents.

The survey also listed some really sound advice to help alleviate some of the potential for possible theft.  Just go HERE to read their 5 Tips to Prevent Package Theft This Holiday Season.

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