If you've got an email account, odds are you've been emailed from a Nigerian prince who wanted to make you rich.  If you thought it was too good to be true, you were right!  In fact, the scam has become so popular it's become the source of jokes for several comedians.

However, some people, in their dreams of getting rich quick, have fallen prey to the scam.  In fact, according to NBC News, one guy was running one of these scams and apparently duped 269 people into giving him money.  Lots of money!

Photo from Slidell Police Department
Photo from Slidell Police Department

And the killing part, this guy was based right here in Louisiana!  67-year-old Michael Neu from Slidell, Louisiana was just arrested after an eighteen month investigation on 269 counts of wire fraud and another count of money laundering.

Officials charge that Neu has participated in hundreds of these scams and would wire money to his co-conspirators in Nigeria.

No word on the identity of these co-conspirators or if any will be also charged in these cases.


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