Hi, I'm Gary, and apparently I'm always the last person in the room to find out about all the cool stuff.

See, I was today years old when I first heard of the INSP Network. And this is my kind of TV.

According to their website, INSP.com, this network is "home to timeless and original western TV series, movies and documentaries. Providing a trusted viewing experience and family friendly TV."

The Network is Channel 564 on AT&T U-Verse. It's Channel 364 on DirecTV.  Channel 259 on Dish Network and 67,71 on Suddenlink.

Where have I been on this one?

Rich Polk, Getty Images
Rich Polk, Getty Images

And now, thanks to an article I read at shreveporttimes.com, I've learned that Sarepta, Louisiana's own, Trace Adkins, is host of the network's first competition series, "Ultimate Cowboy Showdown".  To add insult to injury, I've already missed the first two seasons. Thankfully, I'll be ready for the upcoming Season 3 when it kicks off on Thursday, April 21.

And season 3 will feature another of our very own. Haughton's own Jamon Turner, a professional bull rider who runs the non-profit, "Just Believe Youth", will be one of the 14 cowboy contestants vying for the $50,000 prize money!

Ultimate Cowboy Showdown Facebook page
Ultimate Cowboy Showdown Facebook page

The Shreveport Times article gives us some insight into the life of Jamon Turner.

While he grew up in the city, Turner decided on his future career after visiting his uncle's cattle operation and would ride his bike to rural ranches and clean pens in exchange for time to ride horses.

Of course, he'll be up against some stiff competition as the other thirteen contestants intend to bring their best game, but I'm thinking our local guy will be the one to beat.

He's obviously a good looking fellow and considering what he's doing with his life to help inner-city kids realize their cowboy dreams, you know his heart is in the right place!

As a Haughton resident myself, I guess I'm also a little biased.  In fact, if I'm not mistaken, I would swear I've seen him riding his horse along Winnfield Road in the Haughton area, so maybe I feel somewhat connected.

Judging from the First Look of Season 3 video below, where he makes an appearance, he's also well-spoken and certainly not afraid to speak his mind!

Good luck Jamon!  The rest of us are rootin' for ya!

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