Old Dominion was the first band I ever interviewed. I remember getting a phone call from a friend saying "Hey there's this up and coming band, they'll be in Marshall, TX, do you want to interview them?" I was already a fan of Old Dominion, they had "Shut Me Up" which I loved and they had just released "Break Up With Him" which they took all the way to number one. I will forever be a fan, Mathew Ramsey the lead singer is a hilarious man with a heart of gold. I'll forever remember how easy and comfortable he made our interview.

Old Dominion's album "Happy Endings" will be released August 25th, the album will have "Be With Me" which I hope is their next song to grace the airwaves. It stars out with women of all ages describing what the best part of being a girl is. A young girl maybe 12 years at the most had one of the most beautiful answers. I got goosebumps, when I heard a woman's response to "Who are women that you look up to?" she fought back tears and said "My mom, it's hard, because she's gone" I lost my mom 11 years ago, and it doesn't get easier. For a moment, I remembered it isn't just me and my siblings who acknowledge that empty seat at every holiday dinner. This music video is a beautiful reminder that "A tiger versus you, girl, ain't even a fight Next to you the sun can't even call itself a light" Talk about women empowerment. I'm feeling like I can take on the world today.  "Your mamma brought you up in a women's world, you could be anything" Watch this music video, and go dominate today ladies!

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