After spending nine years in a Nevada prison for his role in a sports memorabilia heist gone wrong, O.J. Simpson was released early this morning on parole.  According to Ark-La-Tex Homepage, the juice was set loose just after midnight and is expected to stay in the Nevada area.  O.J.'s former home states of Florida and California have not received any requests of transfer.  This is surprising news, because Orenthal James had a house in Miami (foreclosed on in 2002) and two of his kids still live in the area.

According to close friend Tom Scotto's interview with NBC news, O.J. is looking forward to "playing golf, seeing old friends and spending time with family."

What will the Juice do for money?  CrimeOnline is reporting that he is looking for a 6-figure payday to tell his story, and he has his eye on speaking with Oprah on 60 minutes.

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