Somehow this slipped past me, but several months ago, the website released the findings of their annual research piece on the Safest Cities in America.

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The study even drilled down to find the safest cities in each state. The findings were somewhat eye opening for Louisiana, and for the entire south, for that matter.

Not a single city in Louisiana was among the 2022 Top 100 Safest Cities in America.

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Even more startling was that not a single city in the whole south was among the Top 20. We don't see anything anywhere below the Mason Dixon line until we get to #36 when we see an appearance from Trophy Club, Texas.

To take things a step further, when you consider the safety of Louisiana, not one single city in the northwest corner of the state was among the Top 10.  That sort of makes us the worst of the worst of the worst doesn't it?

So how does arrive at their findings?

We use the most up-to-date FBI crime data as the backbone of our reports. This means we rely on voluntary, self-reported information that cities and jurisdictions across the country report through the FBI Summary Reporting System (SRS) and National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS).

What Are The 2022 Top 10 Safest Cities In Louisiana?

  1. Harahan
  2. Mandeville
  3. Youngsville
  4. Scott
  5. Kenner
  6. Zachary
  7. Broussard
  8. Gretna
  9. Slidell
  10. Sulphur

Unless my 8th grade Louisiana History class was all wrong, and my geography skills are severely wanting, there's not a single city listed there that's north of Alexandria.  Sure gives you an idea as to where the political power in Louisiana sits doesn't it?

Amanda Currier
Amanda Currier

While this probably won't change my thinking for most of my daily life and routines, I'm hoping to stay positive, I'm guessing the take away from this, is the consideration that maybe our belief that we are completely safe when we lay our heads down at night, is somewhat unfounded.

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