A story erupted out of the UK this weekend that declared a fight had taken place at London Comic Con between two of their celebrity guests. The fight was said to have taken place between Lou Ferrigno, who played The Hulk in CBS' iconic 80s show, and Sam J. Jones, who played cult movie hero Flash Gordon.

The Daily Mail and other British tabloids ran the story, which ended up on American tabloid sites, but seemed to lack much in the way of evidence. There were some pictures of the two having a conversation, and even a video posted of it...but none of those images showed any kind of fight. In fact, Jones remained seated in everything posted. However the tabloid rags kept running a "fan story" that someone had to physically get between the two and tell them to "act like adults".

The video seems pretty in innocent right? Doesn't look like a physical fight between two geek icons...it looks like a conversation. There's zero evidence published online of an actual altercation. But there is a statement from one of the two who were supposedly involved published online...here's what Sam J. Jones said about the story:

Both Sam J. Jones and Lou Ferrigno are set to appear at Geek'd Con in Shreveport this August, and some people started asking questions right away if there would be any issues with those appearances. I can assure you right now, there isn't an issue. Both are still set to appear, and excited to be at Geek'd Con this summer.

The term "fake news" is getting pretty abused in society today, which sucks, because when this type of fake news actually hits the internet, it now becomes hard to label it appropriately. This is straight up fake news...

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