Did you promise yourself that 2018 would be your year? I know I did. The whole eating healthy thing has been so tough and we are less than a week in! Somehow someway I have found the perfect group that is helping me stick with my goals. With the help of a friend she found me a group of ladies that are on a transformation journey so I jumped in! Several of the women that are in my life changing group told me about how much they love a motivational poster or board. I am slowly but surely putting one together. I will try anything that will help me reach my New Year's Resolution.

According to D News we don't follow through with our New Year's Resolutions because we have too many, they're too vague, or they're too difficult. Getting a buddy system is a smart idea, having friends and family cheer you on is always encouraging and keeps you accountable. If you want to be a part of the 8% that actually follows through on their New Year's resolution watch the video, and of course follow through by keeping it simple.

How are you doing with your resolutions? Do you have your secrets that you stick to, in order to make sure you follow through with your resolution?

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