It's a new era for LSU Tigers baseball, and you're new head coach is beyond excited.

When it comes to college baseball, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more beloved head coach than Paul Mainieri. Coach Mainieri has been the steadfast leader of LSU baseball since 2007. He helped make being an LSU baseball fan fun again. He helped make LSU baseball important again.

This year, Coach Mainieri announced this season would be his last. He has shoes that few coaches in the country could ever hope to fill for a program. To be honest, Coach Mainieri helped make LSU a place that feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity for fans, players, and even coaches.

That's the sentiment for incoming LSU baseball head coach Jay Johnson. Also, it's worth noting that Coach Johnson has the best first name of all-time.

Speaking from a podium in front of media for the first time since becoming LSU's head baseball coach, Johnson says, "When I think about the 44 years of my entire life I really believe that every day has led me to this podium right now, to this program and it is beyond a dream come true.”

He went on to say that coaching the LSU baseball team is the, "Job of a lifetime."

When speaking about his new job, he referenced another LSU great that literally brought LSU baseball to the forefront of the sport. He says, "I was a very young coach, like 24-years-old, 23-years-old and coaching like Connie Mack Baseball and I had no idea what I was doing at that point in the time so who was the best in the country at what I want to do? It was Skip Bertman,"

Bertman, of course, took LSU to Omaha 11 times and captured five national championships.

We certainly can't wait to see what Jay Johnson has in store for LSU baseball, and we wish him the absolute best.



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