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New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell is once again in the news as she continues to flex her political muscle and wave a fist in the air to anyone who would be brazen enough as to buck her near dictator style of leadership for the Crescent City.

From what we've gathered from the Louisiana Radio Network, approximately four hundred Christian music fans gathered for a concert this past Saturday, November 7, featuring Lafayette's own Christian Music sensation, Lauren Daigle, and others in New Orleans' French Quarter on the steps across from Lafayette Square. The trouble is, it was apparently unpermitted, and Mayor Cantrell is reportedly "furious."

Cantrell lashes out that the event organizers were told beforehand that the event would not be allowed. According to Cantrell, “The organizers used the pretense of religion to hold this event with other motives and that simply was not right.” She added that the event had to be treated as a demonstration by authorities.

Reports indicate that Christian rock artist, Sean Feucht, organized the event, as part of a series that he's been host to recently, and he was joined by Daigle for this event.

“Lauren Daigle from what I understand was a part of that,” said Cantrell. “I have to say I’m very disappointed in the actions there knowing how hard the City of New Orleans has worked.”

“I’ve been in touch with of course the New Orleans Police Department, of course, safety and permits, but bottom line to pursue every angle possible to hold these individuals accountable,” said Cantrell.

My personal issue with this is that if it had been a "demonstration" it would have been "legal" but apparently because it was a relatively small group (in comparison to previous "demonstrations" in New Orleans) then it's wrong? That just doesn't make sense.

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