Mike Mosura of the Bossier Parish School Board spent time with us this morning discussing the recently filed federal lawsuit by the group Americans United for Separation of Church and State “in an attempt to end the widespread, unconstitutional promotion of Christianity throughout Bossier public schools.”

The lawsuit filed on behalf of four unnamed Bossier Parish parents who claim their  children’s religious freedom, “has been repeatedly and blatantly trampled by the religious coercion of Bossier Parish school board members, administrators, teachers and coaches.”

Mosura says the BPSB will actually get hard copies of the lawsuit later today and will convene this Thursday to discuss strategies and be advised by their attorneys in the matter.  He did convey that the activities at Bossier schools are things "we've been doing for years."  These same activities have been unsuccessfully challenged before, but this one could become costly.  However, according to Mosura, "You're not gonna see the board back down."

When asked what we can do as a community to stand behind our board, Mike responded, "We just have to stand strong.  You've gotta be willing to stand up and speak out."  "This is a minority.  This is 4 parents that have filed this suit through this group.  Our system at last count had 22,000 students and climbing.  So, do the math and you'll see this is a very small fraction, but it makes such a big noise, that our people in the tens of thousands can voice their concerns and get behind the board and support us that way."

And just to show the legal rights of Christian students, Congressman Mike Johnson posted the following on his own Facebook page.

Mike Johnson - Facebook
Mike Johnson - Facebook

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