I am convinced several women have had unsolicited pictures sent to their phones. I remember being in the parking lot about to walk into dinner with my boyfriend in the car and I got a Snapchat. There it was an unsolicited picture of a man's genitals. I quickly blocked the man and reported the incident.

So many women have gotten pictures like this and it really blows my mind how there are no consequences. Until now. Texas Governor Greg Abbott stands by his disgust of unsolicited nude photos. We can thank House Bill 2789. The bill was signed into law by Abbott. This new law makes it a Class C misdemeanor for anyone to send an unrequested indecent photo, it's now called "cyber-flashing". Nude photos sent through Tinder, Bumble, FB Messenger, text messages, or email all can be reported.

The Lonestar state is one of the first states to criminalize unwanted nude/sexual images. Tere is a  $500 fine connected to the unrequested nude photo.

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