Louisiana wildlife is one of our richest treasures.  The abundance of majestic creatures make it clear the Bayou State is a perfect habitat for some of the most beautiful creatures on earth.  So perfect, in fact, that some unscrupulous folks try to illegally relocate our superior wildlife to their ecologically boring state.

The latest would-be wildlife smuggler to be caught red-handed is 65 year old Robert Glenn Hennessey, of Bayonne, New Jersey.  According to NOLA.com, Mr. Hennesey thought that a few of Louisiana's finest box turtles would spruce up the Garden State.  Not only was he allegedly removing the indigenous Terrapenes, the 4 violations of the Lacey Act he is charged with suggest he was trading with these innocent turtles.  Is there some kind of black market for box turtles?

Louisiana law is clear on this matter:  If you are convicted of  taking of wild box turtles for commercial purposes, or you are involved in the sale of native reptiles and amphibians without a license - you're gonna be in big trouble.  If convicted, Glenn could receive up to five years in prison per count and a fine of up to $250,000 for his turtle treachery.

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