I'm trying to eat healthier in 2018 for my own health reasons and to better the health of my family. My main issue has always been portion size so ideally I'd love to find foods I can pig out on without the negative effects. While there's no way I can quit meat, I've been looking into vegan dishes to add to my diet and I came across a thing called Jackfruit. It's said that Jackfruit which is an actual fruit from around India, when cooked tastes like pulled pork... So I had to give it a try!

We found several options for Jackfruit at Drug Emporium in Shreveport and decided to try it out for our family taco night.


For tonight's tacos we went with the Tex-Mex flavored one seen above and saving the cans for later. There were many other options for other dishes as well, but it's Tuesday so tacos it is! The Jackfruit is very easy to cook with it just needing to cook with the spices to heat it up and was done in under 5 minutes.


Honestly it's very similar to a very tender pulled pork and I'd strongly recommend for anyone to try! Do you know of any other healthy dishes I should try out?

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