There is no denying, Luke Combs is one of a kind, from his take on "Tennessee Whiskey" to his singing of Keith Urban's "Blue" the man can take any song you love and make you fall in love with his version even more. A humble, funny guy who you wish you could spend a Friday night with. I've seen Luke Combs perform for a sold out crowd and there is no doubt the man pours his heart and soul out every time he hits the stage.

Krystal Montez

Recently Luke Combs took to his social media to tease "This Ones For You Too" basically a deluxe version of his album "This Ones For You''. Luke Combs is all about giving his fans what they keep asking for, recorded songs like "Houston, We Got A Problem," "Must've Never Met You," "Beautiful Crazy, "A Long Way," and "She Got the Best of Me.". "This Ones For You Too" comes out June 1st! He gave us a tease and it didn't disappoint. Do you think "Beautiful Crazy" is his next hit? Listen below and let us know!