Morgan Wallen is seeing things differently now that he's a dad.

The singer attended and performed at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards on May 15, where he chatted with Entertainment Tonight about fatherhood, including co-parenting and what he's learned since welcoming a son.

The appearance marked Wallen's return to the BBMAs after he was barred from attending in 2021 following his use of a racist slur earlier that year. Asked how he has grown in the past year, Wallen says being a dad to his nearly 2-year-old son, Indigo Wilder, has helped him through.

"Just seeing that I have another life that I'm responsible for — it just put things into perspective for me," Wallen shared, standing next to his mother on the red carpet. "I just didn't have a choice."

His son, who is nicknamed "Indie," recently attended his first show of his dad's. Wallen says that his son got dressed up in country boy gear for the event, and he hung out with Jason Aldean at the show, which was "some pretty good company for his first concert."


Wallen says his son's personality is beginning to show through, including signs of an ornery side.

"He's starting to get to where I'll tell him no, and he just kind of looks at me," Wallen reveals, sort of gushing. "I know it's about to get worse, but I like it."

Wallen co-parents Indie with his ex, Katie Smith, and he says that although he was initially worried about sharing parenting duties, he has "no complaints" two years in.

"I was worried about it at first, but I feel very comfortable with it and I'm really proud of the way me and his mom handle it," Wallen explains.

The country star took home the award for Top Country Male Artist at the Billboard Awards, and he performed a medley "Don't Think Jesus" and "Wasted on You" live, as well. The singer says "Don't Think Jesus" specifically speaks to things he has experienced in his own life.

"I feel like that song is, really, a big representation of a lot of things that I've been through and the attitude that I've approached it with, so I hope that comes across," he says.

Wallen adds that while he has gone through trials in his life over the past few years, there have been many "really positive things going on behind the scenes" and he's been in a "good place."

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