There is good news for the plan to build a new Jimmie Davis bridge and refurbish the existing bridge. Lawmakers have set aside $100 million for this project.

The money will come from $3 billion dollars Louisiana is expected to receive from the American Rescue Plan. Our state will get half of that money this year and the remaining funds next year.

Lawmakers have been working on putting together the spending priority plan for the money. More than $500 million dollars of this first $1.6 billion is expected to be spend on road and bridge projects that have been on hold because of a lack of funding.

Dr. Shawn Wilson, Secretary of DOTD says the plan now is to build a new 4 lane Jimmie Davis bridge since we will have enough money to make that happening. He says building a new bridge will be much quicker. He is hopeful construction can begin within the next 2 years.

Local lawmakers say there is also $35 million designated from the federal money for work in Caddo parish.

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