I remember going to Six Flags with my family for the first time. My siblings and I were thrilled to finally be tall enough to ride all the rides. We were walking through and noticed a roller coaster that was stuck, my mom said "See that is what happens when you ride a roller coaster." those words have stayed with me forever. My parents paid to get us in you think they'd be forcing us to ride everything and get our moneys worth, nope I guess she thought we'd never ask to go back. I still can't muster up the courage to ride a roller coaster, you may get a thrill out of it, however there aren't enough prescriptions that my doctor can give me to make my anxiety think that a roller coaster is a good idea. As time goes on I realize my mom was right, about a lot.

Imagine getting on a 12 story roller coaster that not only takes all these odd angles but also flips you upside down. Sounds exciting right? Imagine a safety sensor going off and halting the ride and there you are hanging upside down. Talk about a head rush, that is exactly what happened to some unsuspecting roller coaster lovers at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. According to park officials there are safety sensors installed that cause roller coasters to come to a halt when a sensor goes off, unfortunately that's what happened to the Batman roller coaster. The ride was halted for 45 minutes, no injuries have been reported. Check out the video of the incident posted by ABC 13 Houston below!

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