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An accident involving a mobile home shut down multiple lanes of traffic over the Cross Lake Bridge for hours on Monday afternoon. The accident happened just before 4:30pm, as strong thunderstorms were moving through the area.

The vehicle hauling the mobile home was in the westbound lane of I-220, however the accident caused more issues in the eastbound lanes. As the mobile home load overturned, it went over the median and spilled across both eastbound lanes.

Now based on pictures and videos from the scene, it appears that the truck hauling the load did not flip, and only the load did. But that was enough to shut down bridge traffic for a large chunk of the rush hour commute. In fact, hours later the cleanup process was still taking place. With multiple Shreveport Police units still on the scene 4 hours after the accident.

Many accounts blame the accident on the weather. A line of strong storms started moving through the Shreveport area just before the accident was reported. The storms did not trigger any severe weather alerts, but brought heavy downpours and strong wind gusts. The heavy rains made it difficult for drivers to see, and the wind gusts would easily explain an accident like this. Though no official report at this time has definitively said the accident was caused by the weather.

Though the accident caused headaches for hundreds, if not thousands, of drivers in the Shreveport area on Monday, it appears that it will be cleaned up before the Tuesday morning commute.

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