Mickey Gilley is coming to Bossier City's Margaritaville Resort Casino on November 19 and he's bringing a ton of Nashville and Texas history with him.

The whole world remembers when Mickey's club "Gilley's" was featured in Urban Cowboy and it brought country music to heights like never seen before.

And because of the success of Gilley's and a long string of country staples including "Paradise Tonight" with Charly McClain, "Don't All The Girls Get Prettier At Closing Time," "Stand By Me" and "Room Full of Roses," Gilley has enjoyed a long and fulfilling career marked by loyal fans and financial success.

One of the secrets behind Mickey's longevity is his ability to balance the heart of an entertainer with the brain of a businessman. He hasn't had to "reinvent" himself to stay in the game. He has stayed current with the times, but Mickey knows what not to change. He has treated his fans with the same respect throughout the years, maintained his consistent high-quality performances, selected classic songs that withstood the fickleness of trends and tapped into business opportunities with an uncanny foresight.


And now, Mickey Gilley is coming to Margaritaville on November 19 at 8:00 pm. Course, you must be at least 21.  Tickets just went on sale this past Friday starting at $40 via Ticketmaster.com

Tickets are also available at the Margaritaville Retail Store.

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