With spring upon us, it's time to start thinking about cleaning up around the yard and tackling those project you've been putting off for too long.

Adding a metal building to your property could increase your overall property value and upgrade your lifestyle if you find yourself in one of these situations:

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1) Your toys need a comfortable home. The people who are truly lucky are those who have enough "adult toys" (say, a boat, ATVs, golf carts, etc.) that they don't fit in the main garage. Adding another post-frame metal building can protect your investment in that equipment and give you extra storage.

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2) You can never have too much storage. Lots of folks are talking about decluttering lately, but if your closets, basement and attic are full of treasures, it might be time to upgrade to outdoor storage. It could be a nice way to give yourself a little more room if your kids have gone off to college or their first jobs without taking all their stuff with them.

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3) You need a durable home for your horses, donkeys or other livestock. Sometimes, an older building might just need a few repairs, but if you know it's time to overhaul or rebuild a barn, consider the benefits of metal with post-frame construction.

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4) No one's going to burn down your she-shed. We all get a chuckle out of the State Farm commercial with Cheryl and the she-shed that got struck by lightning but consider a metal building for she-sheds (and storage sheds, for that matter.) You don't have to worry about replacing warped or rotting wood!

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5) You're in love with the barndominium look. Bardominiums can be great guest spaces, whether you're starting from scratch or you're converting an existing barn into a new space.

If you're ready to start designing the perfect upgrade to your home, call our friends at Ark-La-Tex Shop Builders. A field representative can visit your site and assess your options for framing, concrete, insulation, doors and windows and more. Visit their website or call 318-469-4843 to get started.