This weekend, 32 year old Jesse Galarza of Metairie, Louisiana (pictured above) was arrested and charged with monetary instrument abuse and theft by Kenner Police.  Mr. Galarza was trying to use phony one hundred dollar bills, which were clearly labeled "for Movie Production Purposes only," at a Burlington Coat Factory over the weekend.

Somehow, store employees figured out that the money wasn't legit and they called police.  Not only did Kenner's finest pick up Jesse for counterfeiting (which he admits to), but according to WGNO - this actually violates Mr. Galarza's probation and parole terms.  The authorities were already watching him closely due to a previous charge for introduction of contraband into a penal institution and possession of synthetic cannabinoids in Orleans Parish.

Jesse Galarza is still in jail at this point, as no bond had been set as of Saturday night.

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