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Every year, Louisiana residents leave a trail of money behind.  Deposits, overpayments, and the like get forgotten about - all in all, it's a substantial amount of money.  Currently, that pile of cash is teetering around $900 million!

Luckily, there is a state agency that does keep track of all that money - but they can't legally take ownership of it because it's yours!  Well, some of it could be at least.  But, you'll never know if your name is attached to an undisclosed amount of moolah unless you check.  Here's the best part:  If you do find your name on the state treasurers list of unclaimed property, Louisiana will send you a check for the total amount immediately!

If this sounds like one of those Nigerian Prince scams, allow me to ease your suspicions.  A few years ago, I found my name on the list.  There were a couple of utility deposits I had put down years ago that I never gave another thought about.  That money went to the state for holding.  When I claimed the cash via their website, they sent me a check for $636.00!

Check to see if you have any money waiting in the wings by searching the official Louisiana Treasury website here, or if you have lived in another state recently - you can check the national registry for unclaimed property here.

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