A meeting took place at the courthouse Wednesday with the family of Tommie McGlothen and their attorney James Carter. Tommie McGlothen Jr. died while in police custody back in April, and after new video evidence of his last encounter with the Shreveport Police came to light, the family felt the need to take action.

“We at The Cochran Firm representing this family will leave no stone un-turned. We are in this fight to the end and we will get justice under this situation" said attorney for the McGlothen family James Carter. Carter went on to stress that McGlothen suffered from schizophrenia and severe depression. It was also noted that he would have benefited from medical and mental help during the episode.

The four officers involved in McGlothen's incident back in April have all been placed on leave as of Tuesday this week. Chief Ben Raymond Admitted during a city meeting that he should have put them on leave earlier than he did. The witness video released on The evening of Monday, June 8th showed four Shreveport Police officers beating, tazing, and kicking McGlothen while he was on the ground. According to reports, McGlothen was then left in the back of a police car for 48 minutes before someone realized he was unresponsive.

During the press conference members of the family were asked to come up and speak. Tommie's father, son, daughter, and other spoke on behalf of their deceased family member, and showed anger toward what would be McGlothen's final encounter with police.

Tommie McGlothen Press Conference

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