Buying a slightly used item on one of the numerous online auction sites or Facebook can save you a lot of money.  Never is this more helpful than around the gift giving season - you can find that laptop, iPhone, go-cart, etc for a deeply discounted price if you don't mind a little wear and tear.  The problem is, meeting up with a stranger to buy something with a handful of cash at a semi-private location is an invitation to get robbed at best and killed at worst.

One of the most popular techniques to counteract this threat is to make the exchange during regular business hours in the parking lot of your local police department.  That way help isn't very far a way if things go sideways, and there are most likely several security cameras that will catch the crime.  Marshall police have expanded on the concept and now offer 2 more safe locations for meet ups of this nature.  They are located the public parking lot at 2101 East End Blvd.  Although officers will not be on station, the locations are well lit and monitored by security cameras 24/7.

If the seller or buyer shows any resistance to meeting in a public and protected place, that's a bad sign.  Maybe the price on that diamond ring is too good to be true.

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