Who knew your unwanted tools could make the ultimate fishing lure? Ryan Hein from St. Pettersburg went through his old tool box and used a size 10 wrench. Hein claims that his first cast was all it took to hook the 400 pound Goliath grouper. He plans to use a wrench lure from now on.

In May Mathew McNellis was fishing at Lake Bardwell and was having no luck. His girlfriend suggested he take one of her McDonald's chicken nuggets. McNellis used a McNugget and caught a record setting bass according to Highview Marine in Ennis, TX.

Chris Hondros/ Getty Images
Chris Hondros/ Getty Images

I've seen folks use canned corn and marshmallows to catch trout. I have heard of folks using cows blood, Big League Chew, and Ivory soap to hook catfish. The real question is who made these crazy discoveries?  What is the craziest bait you have ever used to catch a fish? Do you make your own lures?


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