I tried to keep the title as generic as possible, but I think you get the drift.

Over the weekend, a man died at a gentleman's club in El Paso, TX called the Red Parrot. 67-year-old Robert Gene White was receiving a lap dance at the time of his death. The dancer who was performing the service said she first thought he was trying to get out of paying her when he became unresponsive.

It turns out that wasn't the case and employees of the club started to administer CPR. 911 was called and White was taken to the hospital but didn't recover. 

Without being disrespectful of the deceased and his family, most of the men in our office agree that if you've gotta 'go,' this is the way to do it. Personally, I think it's sad. As of now, authorities are listing the cause of death as natural causes. 

[KVIA/Daily Mail]

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