The guy you're looking at above is Kyle Hannah.  If you are a man, and you stopped to use the restroom in Southeast Louisiana this year - he may have caught you with your pants down.

Mr. Hannah was arrested last week by deputies with the St Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office and charged with video voyeurism.  According to, an unnamed health professional reached out to authorities after they learned that the 24-year-old Covington resident was allegedly taking pictures and making video recordings of men in local public restrooms without their knowledge.

After the tip, law enforcement obtained a search warrant for Hannah's phone.  There, they found that he had been recording much more than previously suspected.  Kyle had allegedly recorded unsuspecting men using the restroom across Tangipahoa and St. Tammany Parish since January.  That's about 2000 square miles, and you can bet there are a lot of bathroom stops through there.

Currently, Mr. Hannah is in the St. Tammany Parish jail.  The investigation continues, and additional charges will most likely be filed soon.

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