Have you ever had the IRS call and demand payment from you or they were going to send the local authorities over to your house and arrest you for being so behind on your taxes?  No, you haven't because that never happens.  What may have happened, is a con-man (or con-woman) may have called and lied about all of that stuff to try to fool you in to sending them money - that kind of stuff happens all of the time.

Case in point, KSLA is reporting that officials in the Acadiana area are warning residents to be on the lookout for scammers pretending to be Internal Revenue Service agents who demand payment right away.  They threaten unknowing residents with immediate jail time if they don't comply - but the real IRS doesn't work that way.

The number that the scammers are using is (805) 521-4229, so be on the watch out for it.  If you receive a call from this number, and they are claiming to be the IRS - hang up and call the real authorities right away.

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